If you are anything like me, you are scrolling my website in what could be considered pjs, with your hair tangled or in a bun and you have just a free moment to look this up because you are slightly interested in it.   Interested in seeing yourself in a different way, feeling different about yourself, and possibly even having your partner see you differently.  Maybe you even want to see what your partner sees.  The beauty within you. 

cw boudoir


What to expect?

To laugh. To have fun. To feel like you are hanging out with a friend.
To forget you are 1/2 naked.  To feel confident and the same time having no clue wtf you are doing. 

I do not offer hair & makeup, and it will need to be done prior to coming to me.  -- 
However, my daughter does do makeup & a curl for those that want a light natural look. 

You arrive at my studio, lay out all your outfits you brought.  (Yes, you do need to supply your own; but I give you suggestions)
We go through them together and depending on your package, narrow them down.  You get into your first outfit and we start shooting.

Don't worry, I walk you through every pose.  I'm not going to expect you to know what to do.  You can be the most awkwardest human alive.  I got you. 

Once your session is done, I work on your images.  When they are edited, we set up a date/time to do a google meet to go through them and for you to choose your selections.  At this time, you can purchase more images if you choose to.  

What is Boudoir?

What do I even do with the images? 

Why Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is a celebration of self-love and empowerment, capturing the essence of femininity in a tasteful and intimate manner. Women choose boudoir sessions for various reasons, ranging from boosting self-confidence to commemorating significant life milestones. It's a transformative experience that allows individuals to embrace their bodies, highlighting beauty in every curve and contour. The importance of boudoir photography lies in its ability to redefine beauty standards and promote self-acceptance. Clients often emerge from the sessions with a newfound sense of confidence and appreciation for themselves. The  journey that unfolds during a boudoir shoot is a testament to the profound impact it can have on an individual's perception of themselves, fostering a positive and empowering self-image.

The reason behind doing a boudoir session is your own.  Whether you want to see yourself differently, you need a confidence boast, you are doing it for your partner and the list goes on, it is your own reason.  If you are on this site, you might want to do them and don't even know your why, and that is okay too! 

I am here to make you feel comfortable and for you to have the best pictures I can give you. The photos are to be whatever they need to be for you. I am not. What I mean by this is, I'm not coming at you like "you are gorgeous, beautiful, hey bestie, etc etc. "  It's just not who I am.  If you need that, that's okay, there are a ton of photographers out there that do.

You will laugh, I will trip 3000 times, I will swear, and I will laugh at you ... I mean w/ you 😉 ... for whatever stupid thing you do haaaa (cause you will and I'll laugh cause its' funny shit) Also.. I will tell you to suck it in, stand up straight, pull your chin up down left right, no not like that... You will be comfortable and forget that we are on a photoshoot and you are naked ...  promise.  

You can share them, keep them, hide them, print them.  
It's up to you.  You can pull them out in a year and be like damn I'm hot.. you can pull them out in 10yrs and be like that was me bitches. Txt them to your partner, hell txt them to your friends and be like who dis?  It's really, whatever you want to do with them. 


I don't have a facebook page for boudoir, just a group. If you have FB feel free to request to join the group.  (women only)

Couples Boudoir  

Maternity Boudoir  

Why is everyone's faces cut off?

I stopped shooting boudoir for a couple of years and decided late 2023 to get back into it.  In order to do that, I made changes.  While I view this as art and want to show the world lolll, many see this differently.  I cut off the faces to protect my clients.  I only show images that i'm allowed and even when they say "I don't care if my face is in it", I still cut it off.  

So I hope you can see my work even though it's not entirely complete, and trust me enough to do your images as well. 

My Studio

I converted my garage into my studio.  It is heated for the winter.   I'm located in Central Square, NY 
There are many different sets to use, some not pictured.  I do have moveable walls and might take a few minutes to put up the new set. 

Mother of 3 daughters; 20, 18, 15
I've been married for 21 years.
I'm an animal lover, who has 2 mini pigs living in her home.  
I'm sarcastic, honest, and I dress like a homeless person most of the time. 
I swear too much.  I don't get offended. 

About me

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