ABC’s of Senior Session – B – is for Brothers…

ABC’s of senior sessions!
B is for Brothers, Best friends, boyfriends, (sisters, girlfriends etc)

Should we bring our boyfriends/girlfriends or best friends to our senior session? This is a complex question. If no one else is coming to your session, then yes bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend. But, if your going to be with your parent/s, I suggest leaving the bf/gf/bff at home. Why? Because it’s about you. It’s not about your bff and what she did at her senior session, or how she looked etc.. it’s not about me getting to know your bff, it’s about me getting to know you. It’s harder to bring “you” out when someone else is there. (If you are following me) Can you bring them… Yes… Should you.. ehh…

Brothers.. Sisters… are always welcome at and in your senior photos!

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