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When I ran my special for boudoir in December to figure out WTF I was even doing, I had 3 photographers sign up. To me that’s an honor, that they trust me enough to photograph them. One has even become my boudoir bestie (yes I said that word), my go to person when I’m like what do you think of this idea. That’s the crazy part of this job. You can meet someone for the first time and just click and now you have a new friend. I think most of my friends that I have are from my business in one way or another. I’m so thankful for them. What does this even have to do with boudoir?

When you do a session with me, it’s like doing the boudoir session with a friend! I randomly talk about god knows what, laugh, shoot the shit and pose you along the way!

My website for updated images and info: CW Boudoir

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