Couples Session | Syracuse, NY

Jessika was another winner of my 25 Days of Christmas. The day of their session, I went from the in-home session with Skylar to Jessika’s session in Syracuse. Of course, I had to tell them of the awkward type photos I just got done shooting and his face lit up. He was all in! After their session, we stood in the freezing cold and talked for an hour until basically, no one could feel their fingers or toes. Thinking back, I was still in my jacket and they were in their clothes.. oops. They told me they have goats that are going to have babies soon and they will be putting pj’s on them. So basically, I’ll be at their house soon photographing baby goats jumping around in PJ’s. I did mention that I will need to have them frolic through a field to make it all come together. They were game. Thank you guys for driving to Syracuse for this shoot and braving the cold with me.

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