I have been running my own business for 20 years and photography for the last 13. 
I love business, sometimes more than photography.. I know! Crazy.   

Recently I poked my head out of my bubble and realized there were all these photographers who were learning photography from people who were just learning it themselves.   I'm not saying I know everything or that I'm perfect. 
We are always learning.

What's awesome for you right now is - the equipment & technology is so much easier to use than it was when I started.  You will excel at a faster rate!
The photography community is also nicer.. we didn't have it so easy back in the day.

About me: 

 I am very direct, honest & sarcastic.
I do not sugar coat things.
If you are looking for someone to tell you how amazing you are, I'm not it. 
I want you to succeed in your business. 
I understand what works for me, might not work for you & visa versa... so this "do it this way and only this way mentality is not what you will get here" 
I am tough love.

Still learning photography and you need help figuring everything out?  From how to shoot in manual, what light even means in photography.  What is an F Stop even?  Camera equipment to the computer equipment.. Where do I even  start.  Basically, how to use your camera to take better photos.
Whether you are a mom that wants to take better photos of your kids or an aspiring photographer, this might be the perfect way for you to learn. 

We all have to start at the beginning.   I remember when I first started, I had to read blogs over and over to figure out how to get that "blurry" background.  I took my camera to my friends house and was shooting random things, excited to have found this information out.  

& Settings

Learn how to: 
Shoot in Manual Mode
What Iso, Aperture, Shutter Speed is
How to Meter Properly 
How to use your camera & not just push a button and hope for the best.
How light works to make your photos what they are.  



I'm Ready! Let's do this!

Online or In Person - 1hr learning your camera.
Moms who just want to learn their camera a little better 


I'm Ready! Let's do this!

Online or In Person - 1hr learning your camera.
In depth on learning Manual Mode & What everything means. 

One on One Mentoring

It's easy to get  information all over the internet these days, from You Tube to TikTok and every place in between. 
But, like I said up there, sometimes it's not the best.  Maybe you have a ton of questions and little time to look every single question up and then figure out if it is correct.  Or, you just can't learn that way.   
Whatever it might be... a one on one mentoring session with me could be what you are looking for.  

Pick my brain anything business .. with whatever questions you have.
Topics we could discuss: 

Getting Started (Business basics)
Website & Portfolio Review
Defining & Building Your Brand
Client Communications & Workflow
The Client Experience & Managing Expectations
Social Media 
In Person Sales
Senior Rep Programs

Phone, facetime, zoom etc.   - I am pretty flexible with how you want your mentoring session to be. 

Local & doing it in person - Add on headshots for $50. 


One Hour 

Located near Syracuse,NY 


I'm Ready! Let's do this!

Full Business

Christina... Tell me step by step everything you know in business and what you do. 

Every topic we will go over: 

Business Branding
Website & Review
Hard drives & the Cloud
Insurance & Contracts
Client Management & Workflow
Client Experience & Lounges 
Where to find clients / Marketing 
Booking Clients
Social Media
Cost of doing Business 
Seo/ Google 
In person sales
Rep Programs
& more!

We go over a lot of information and it's hard to grasp it all in one day.  
This mentoring workshop is broken up into a couple days. 

Online - Zoom, Phone, Facetime..
Can be set up over 2-3 consecutive days. (3-4hrs each day)

In Person - 2 consecutive days (4hrs each day) 
*Prefer to do it out of my home/office in Central Square. 

Mentoring Workshop

This mentoring workshop will go over every detail in and out of my business & how I run it. 


I'm Ready! Let's do this!


The hardest part in photography is actually learning how to see colors.  It's something that develops overtime or if you are lucky you already are good at it.   Calibrated Monitors really come into play when you are editing your images.   Finding your style editing is the 2nd hardest thing IMO ( and sometimes it changes over time) and of course the third would be posing! 

How I edit a wedding in less than a week. 
Photoshop work - using liquify, layers, levels etc.
How to Cull Faster & What to look for.
How I proof & what I do after.
How to use ACR (Adobe Camera Raw/ Bridge) 
How to make a preset 

Why I back button focus & how to set it up
Best time to shoot & why
How to look for light
Posing tips 

Online:  Anything Shooting, Posing, Editing
 1hr Call

In Person -  1hr

Want to learn hands on how I run a session? 
What goes through my brain? 
What I say... How I pose.. 

You can set up a session - or I can
(within 1hr from 13036)



Suggestions of Topics/Questions:

Add on 1 hour Online Editing 
- Watch me Cull the images
- Edit 1-2 full images




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