In-Home Couples Photoshoot

I asked on my Facebook for “models” for an in-home couples session. One of those couples was Skylar (who I’ve been photographing since 2014?), and her girlfriend Suzie. They just bought a house in Pheonix and were so very excited for the chance to do this. When I sent Skylar the message about what I was thinking, I attached a funny picture I saw in a Facebook group. It was one of those awkward family photos; couples edition. She then became so fricken excited, that of course we actually had to do them.

What I love about an in-home couples session is you are a little more relaxed. You get to showcase your home, whether it’s your first home, the home you grew up in, or even your 3rd, it’s yours. Maybe, you are going to remodel it but want to remember what it was like before you start.. maybe you already remodeled it and you want to share the work you have done in a memorable way. No matter what it’s about sharing the connection and love you have with your partner. The fun times, the laughs, and the memories that embody your love for each other.

in home couples

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