In-Home Couples Session

As you look around your home and see the dishes that are still piled in the sink from last night and the laundry stacked up from the weekend, you wonder why would anyone want to even do an in-home session. Inviting someone into your home, now you have to clean, are they going to judge your home, the way you live, etc etc. All these thoughts are going through your head. I get it. I live with 3 dogs, 2 pigs (yes inside my home), 3 kids and a cat. Let that just sink in. I don’t judge.. I don’t judge anyone, as I don’t see the small details in someone’s house. Honestly, you could have a sink full of dishes and I wouldn’t even notice. Probably because mine always is full.. but don’t let your home be the reason why you don’t celebrate where you are right now in life… in your home.

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