Megan & Tyler get married: Turning Stone Casino

It was the coldest day in February.. and I had to leave my house to do their wedding. Let’s just say, it’s the only way you were getting me out of my door that day!

After I set up Tyler where he was supposed to be for their first look, I called Megan to come down. As I turned the corner to make sure she knew where I was, I stopped her to do some portraits as the light was beautiful. She started to cry. To witness a love like theirs is one reason why I started to do weddings again.

They had the smallest wedding I have ever been to. It was their close family and a couple of friends. We walked around the casino doing their portraits and then headed to their ceremony.

Their family was just as awesome as they were. Tyler and I had the same sense of humor and I think the sister inlaw tried to apologize to me a couple of times for something he said. I’m like no like he’s on par with me. We have an inside joke going on and what he was funnnnnny! He also called me 53..or was it 83 years old.. not sure.. but now that I’m thinking back. I don’t like him anymore.. haaaaa

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