10 Things to bring on your cruise

Whether this is your first cruise or you need a refresher on what to bring. These are my go-to items to bring on the cruise. My family of 5 usually cruises with Carnival because they have cabins that fit 5 people. When my kids were younger this was perfect. Now, they are older and we get two rooms. Honestly, though it doesn’t matter what cruise line you are going with, making your cruise experience better is all that matters!

I added the amazon links so it makes it easier for you to find. (Following the links, I do get a tiny little commission off of them.)

  1. Clothespins! In the shower, there is a clothesline that you pull and clasp and you will be able to hang up your wet bathing suits or anything else you would like.

2. Water bottle – They have water and juice 24/7, but the cups are small and can spill. This way we can sit out in the sun without having to get up and you will keep hydrated also having it in your room without the fear of being tipped over.

3. Nightlight – If you are in the inner cabin, once the lights go off, it’s DARK! Even in the ocean view cabins, you might want a nightlight. If you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom – this is a must-have!

4. First Aid Kit & Meds! – Bring a first aid kit just in case. The cost of using a cruise dr. or purchasing anything on board is expensive. Don’t forget the ibuprofen, stomach meds, or anything you can think of that could go wrong .. bring it! Especially with kids. Also, Benadryl!

5. A Fan – You will want to use a USB fan plug-in. There are very limited plugs in your cabin. If you are lucky you’ll get a cabin that has extra usb ports. At night even with the air on, the cabins can get warm and stuffy, also if you sleep with a fan, this is a must-have!

6. Lanyards – You will get a keycard to enter your cabin and also use it to pay for things and get on and off the boat. Lanyards are the easiest way to make sure you have your keycard with you and convenient.

7. Towel Holders – Your towel will fly away if you leave it on a chair. This saves your chair if you have to go to the bathroom, get something to eat, or run to your room.

8. Power Strips – When I tell you there are NOT enough outlets in your cabin for all your electronics, phone, watch, laptop, ipad etc. There are two different types of ports so you can actually purchase 2 power strips and have all your needs met.

9. Toiletry Bag – This might be the most needed thing on a cruise.  Your bathroom is small and this will help keep everything together.  Especially in your suitcase. 

10. Magnets – To find your door easier, get magnets! You can decorate your door as you see fit, but adding magnets is just easy.

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