Senior girl and her two dogs

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ABC’s of Senior Sessions… D is for Dogs! The animals you grow up with, who have become such a big part of your life, won’t always be around. Bring them with you to your senior session. Dogs..Cats.. Hampsters.. lol whatever! Promise you won’t regret it. Emily brought her two dogs with her from Canastota and […]

ABC’s of Senior Session – D – Dogs (pets)

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You know when you stare at a photo for so long of yourself (like over a year), and you kinda just start to pick it apart? I needed new headshots for myself. But, I also wanted to get my hair done, lose a couple more pounds I recently gained, and the list of excuses to […]

Headshots | My own! | Central NY

my headshot
Girl with a car

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ABC’s of Senior Sessions… C is for Cars! It’s not just boys, girls love their cars as well! Bring your car with you, but pleaseee let me know ahead of time, so I can plan out where we are shooting it. Each location has a spot or two that will work. Marty came to me […]

ABC’s of Seniors Sessions – C – Is for Cars

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Birthdays are special occasions that are meant to be celebrated and cherished. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or just another year, it’s an opportunity to reflect on your life and the people who have been a part of it. One way to capture the essence of your special day is through a photography session. Here […]

Birthday PhotoShoot – Turning 40! – CNY

two girls drinking coffee

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Julie is an old senior of mine and won a free session during my Christmas giveaway. I love that even though it’s been forever and a day since we had a session together, it’s comfortable. Does that make sense? This was the first time shooting in Salt City Market area in Syracuse, NY and they […]

Julie + Sasha | Couples Session | Syracuse, NY

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ABC’s of senior sessions!B is for Brothers, Best friends, boyfriends, (sisters, girlfriends etc) Should we bring our boyfriends/girlfriends or best friends to our senior session? This is a complex question. If no one else is coming to your session, then yes bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend. But, if your going to be with […]

ABC’s of Senior Session – B – is for Brothers…

Boys with basketballs

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Ty & Christal came up from Tennessee to visit their kids & grandchild and booked a couples session with me. Side Note: They have the same anniversary date as my husband and me. We decided to go to Chimney Bluffs because there was no snow on the ground and everything was dead. I’ve never been […]

Chimney Bluffs – Winter Couples Session

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A is for Awkward.. Listen. There are a small handful of people that can pose themselves. It’s okay to feel awkward in front of the camera. I do!! If you were to ever stand next to me in a photo, that I’m not taking myself, I will tap your back. It’s a thing.. I’m weird. […]

ABC’s of Senior Sessions – A is for Awkward

Senior Photographer

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It was the coldest day in February.. and I had to leave my house to do their wedding. Let’s just say, it’s the only way you were getting me out of my door that day! After I set up Tyler where he was supposed to be for their first look, I called Megan to come […]

Megan & Tyler get married: Turning Stone Casino

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Katherine & Tyler are both old seniors of mine. I did their wedding and now they came back for couples photos. It was one of those nicer days in Feb this year when it wasn’t blistering cold. But, don’t worry, I was bundled up like there was a blizzard outside. This girl does not like […]

Couples Session in Syracuse, NY