Boudoir | Central New York

You do not need to be a certain age.. weight.. to do this, you do it when you want to and are ready too.

I know not seeing the face takes away from the image alittle, but it’s not mine to show..

So here is a little info about me.. boudoir sessions

➡️. I’m not a hype girl. I’m not a salesman. I’m not going to post about women empowerment.

➡️. I talk too much, slightly crazy prob…, I swear a little too much

➡️. I’m a complete hot mess during your session. I laugh at myself, because i’m showing you these positions to go into and you guys just stare at me and prob are like god I hope I don’t like that.. 🤣

➡️. I don’t get offended easily, and I forget some do. I like to laugh and I think i’m funny.. I would feel awful if I did actually offend you so keep it to yourself..🤣🤣

➡️. I think i’m the same person online as I’m in person, but i’m prob a lot extra in person w/ my mouth, because I get in trouble on fb a lot.. so I tend to tame myself.. again also.. the offended people.

➡️. I won’t really remember our session, or anything I actually say to you. When you guys post what I say online, I laugh all over again. So if you see me in walmart and say hi and smile and i’m like hi wierdo lady, it’s because I actually don’t remember you. 😆

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