Boudoir | Syracuse, NY

Can someone say purple?! Welcome to the land of dots. Sorry, but all my images on my cw boudoir website and on this blog when it’s about boudoir, faces will be covered. It’s to protect my clients, their jobs, family, and energy. When I got back into boudoir, I struggled with how I was going to do what I felt was right for my clients and be able to still post for marketing.

I was amazed by the amount of people who jumped for a chance to do boudoir with me, some who have never seen my work. It’s funny because a couple months prior, after basically 2 years of waiting, I was able to merge my boudoir page and my regular photography page together. I guess, it was something that needed to be done so I could start fresh. Thank you for those that trusted me even when you had no clue what my garage even looked like.

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